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You will receive 28 individual stick packs per bag.

Whether you're crushing a 30-minute HIIT workout, traveling around the globe, chasing a toddler around, rehydrating after a late night, or simply going for a sweaty walk with a friend, your body is losing essential electrolytes. Electrolytes facilitate hundreds of functions in the body, including the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle function, hormonal regulation, nutrient absorption, and fluid balance. For optimal health, it's essential to hydrate with water PLUS electrolytes to keep the body balanced.

ADAY's sugar-free electrolyte mix provides you with a tasty, everyday source of hydration by combining the perfect amount of daily sodium, potassium & magnesium to replenish you when you need it most!

Behind the Company

All ADAY products are manufactured in the USA.

No! ADAY products will never contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. The natural flavoring is extracted from fruit and vegetable extracts and the electrolytes are sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract (rebaudioside A).

We suggest consulting with your doctor prior to consuming any supplements while pregnant. ADAY's Hydrating Electrolytes are made with no sugar and no artificial ingredients.

Our products do not contain gluten.


Yes! You can choose to subscribe every 28 or 45 days. Either option will give you $5 off your order.

By signing up for either subscription option, you save $5 on each purchase.